First Baptist Church of Haddonfield
124 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033


Welcome to the FBCH site for Pastoral Candidates. Our Pastoral Search Committee has compiled a somewhat comprehensive write-up of our church and the surrounding community. Our hope is that most, if not all, of your questions regarding this place will be answered. However, do not hesitate to ask us about anything we missed. We appreciate your interest in being a pastor at FBCH and look forward to meeting you. Please be sure to visit each of the links on this site. God bless!

In most aspects of church life, the congregation and the pastor will be partners, perhaps with pastoral guidance. Included in these joint endeavors are the building up of the body of believers, community involvement, education, evangelism, and program development. A nurturing fellowship with multi-cultural sensitivity must be maintained.

The pastor must preach the Word, interpret the faith, and work with the congregation in providing a teaching ministry, and in developing lay leaders and ministers. The pastor will offer membership and new inquirers classes to those who profess a belief in Christ and those who are relocating from other churches. When the pastor and deacons feel that those persons are ready, they are accepted into church membership by baptism, transfer of church letter, or profession of Christian experience. The goal is to lead others to a life in Christ.

The pastor must strive to develop a good rapport with children and youth, actively support the activities and programs established by the Board of Christian Education, enable young people to participate in the worship service, and nurture them toward Christian faith commitment and discipleship.

The pastor and the deacons must maintain an active visitation schedule and must provide pastoral care for those in crises, life transitions, and joyful situations. This necessitates a caring attitude for the sick, elderly, and bereaved. Along with pastoral care, the pastor should provide counseling and conflict resolution.

The pastor, along with the Mission Board, should be knowledgeable about the missions and benevolences of the church and the denomination, participating personally when feasible.

The pastor is an ex officio member of every Board, and especially interacts with and assists or provides guidance to the Mission Board, the Diaconate, and the Board of Christian Education. The pastor is a member of the Memorial and Scholarship Committees. Budgeting and Stewardship is the purview of the Finance Board, but the pastor is welcome to provide stewardship messages.

The Office Manager reports to the pastor. Other staff members are supervised by the appropriate Boards.

The pastor maintains a relationship with other American Baptist churches and organizations and participates in ecumenical events through the Haddonfield Council of Churches.

Together, the pastor and congregation will strive to develop and implement the goals and objectives of the church in order to turn vision into a sustainable reality.